Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shipping room table - revisited!

Update: We've been asked over and over again to post these plans for our shipping room table again. So here they are . . . don't forget to send us picture if you build one, we'd love to see yours!

The Table (and the DIY plans!):
When I started looking for the perfect shipping room table I was really surprised that the options I was looking for were just not available. So, Doug to the rescue - he designed and built this GREAT table for me using plumbers, cast iron pipes and fittings. It's 8ft long and has a heavy wood work surface. When Doug started to design the table we were surprised that there were no plans available online for a table like this.  I knew that, as soon as I revealed the table here, loads of you would have questions for him about the construction. 

So, Doug has put together the plans for the table and you can download them, for free, from here - 'Table Plans"

Our table is 35.5 inches high - which is great for a kitchen island or a work table. You can definitely shorten it for a dining room table. The pipes are all cut at the plumbers supply shop (you just need to take the plans into the shop with you and they cut and thread the pieces). The top is 8ft long and 32 inches wide - made from rough lumber from the lumber yard - sanded and varnished. You could also use reclaimed lumber for a wonderful vintage look! 


Marie Corbin said...

I am having trouble getting the pdf of the plan from the link you provided. I can save the .jpg, but the text is too small to read clearly. I would love to have your plan if you are still sharing it!

I love this table and your shop looks super cute - I can't wait to fully explore it! I just stumbled across you through a google search that got me to a blog post at Poppytalk about your table.


Anonymous said...

It seems the link is broken has changed. I found the PDF here:

Md. Shohidul PlusIslam said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I made this desk and just wanted to say thanks for posting the plans. I love how my desk come out, its perfect.

RachelSuzanne said...

I know it's been several years since you built your table, and your location can somewhat alter prices; however, could you (or another comment-er) give an estimation of what the total piping and piping pieces cost?

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